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Holly Morningstar

What I’ve been up to lately! I’ve been terrible about keeping up with the blogging…I fully admit to posting on Twitter more frequently. However, it’s my goal for 2014 to be a more consistent blogger :)

Anyway, starting from top to bottom:

Magic Lanterns, watercolor, 22"x30" – original $1500

Munchkins, watercolor, 18"x24" – original unavailable

Doomsday, watercolor,  – original $1500
“Doomsday” is actually 2 paintings (one of the Doctor, and one of Rose) that have been framed separately. Each is 11"x30" not including frame and mat size.

Light in the Dark, watercolor, 13"x19" – original unavailable
I felt so many feels while I was working on this! FFIV is the first RPG I remember getting sucked into, and that was when I was 6 or 7. While I was painting it, I listened to the game soundtrack and just had a great nostalgia-filled time. I will love Cecil and Rosa forever!