Holly Morningstar

Latest painting progress so far. I also figured out how to change the date on my camera, so the next one won’t look like it was taken in February :P 

I don’t know what I’m going to title it yet, but it was inspired by Ellie Goulding’s song Explosion, and this quote from Dr Who:

“….All the elements in your body were forged, many millions of years ago, in the heart of a far away star that exploded and died. That explosion scattered those elements across the desolations of deep space. After so, so many millions of years, these elements came together to form new stars and new planets. And on and on it went– the elements came together and burst apart, forming shoes and ships and sealing-wax and cabbages and kings. Until eventually– they came together to make you.

You are unique in the universe. There is only one You and there will never be another….”

The ocean is one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen. It allows me to experience a different level of peace, and I hope this painting will be a sufficient homage to it, and our planet in general.

This piece is another that will premier as a print at Megacon in *drumroll* 14 days! Two weeks, you guys! *squeeeeee*